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Melodies of the Danube

October 29, 2021 ~ November 8, 2021

7-Night Cruise with 2 Pre-Nights

Budapest to Vilshofen (Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia)


AMA Viola ~ Journey along the Danube and see firsthand why this storied river has inspired generations of artists, poets and musicians. Indulge your passion for timeless architecture and art in three magnificent capitals: Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna. Let the hills come alive with the sounds of music in Salzburg and the Austrian Lake District. Cruise through the enchanting Strudengau Valley and let the melodies of the Danube carry you from one gem to another on a regal journey through time.

On our river cruises, you will enjoy an extensive lineup of included tours. In many cases, you will have a choice of excursions, such as standard tours, bike tours, hikes and Special Interest Tours. We always include a large variety of activities so that you can choose how you want to explore. No matter your preference, your days will be full of discovery and wonder.


Grand Escapes Travel  313 S. Main Grove, OK 74344  918-786-5222



Hey y’all! I’m plum tickled over the number of folks wantin’ to go over to Branson Miz-er-ri fer Christmas time. You want it… you got it! Come and join your old pal Willamae as we travel to our fav-o-rite destination to enjoy some fine eatin’, some dandy shows and, of course, Willamae always has a surprise or two up her sleeve. We caint take more than one busload so it’s first come, first onboard. Call or email us now  at 918-786-3318 (extension 1) .

Tuesday, Dec 7

9:00 am
Meet us at the starting spot (Grove Senior Center) at the corner of North Cherokee and O’Daniel Parkway. Wear yer Christmasy outfits and you’ll tote yer own suitcase since it’s only one night on the road. Bring along a little gift for swappin’, not over $2 and something YOU’d LIKE TO HAVE OR GET BACK! Put your name on the card….

9:30 am
Our de-luxe motorcoach departs for our two-day, fun-filled adventure.

11:30 am
It’s eatin time already, we got dinner (paid for) on the way to Branson. Some of the relatives brought in a good catch so we are eatin’ at Flat Creek in Republic, known for it’s catfish, but they got other good stuff.

3:30 pm
Our trip this year is “The Reason for the Season” so I don’t reckon there is any better way to start than with Jesus. And they got a big, fancy show all about him. Here’s what they say “From the bustling streets of Jerusalem to the raging Sea of Galilee, JESUS is an action-packed musical stage adventure for the whole family! Join Peter, Nicodemus, Mary Magdalene, and a multitude of others as they journey alongside the most famous person ever to walk the earth. Witness the most miraculous events in history as Jesus sets sail with fishermen and makes disciples out of the least-expected. The lives he touches will never be the same. Experience the greatest rescue story of all time as it comes to life on stage with massive sets, special effects and live animals in this original stage production.” Now… how about that?

6:30 pm
We got supper planned and paid for at the Grand Buffet. They always do a good job on feeding us and if ya can’t find something to fill up on here, then you are in a bad way.

8:00 pm
We will slip on over to the American Theater to see C.J. Newsom's Classic Country & Comedy  stars critically-acclaimed vocalist, C.J. Newsom and Michael Jason Frost along with The Re-Cliners Band and eight-time comedian of the year, Terry Wayne Sanders.

Here’s what they are saying bout this show “With talent that continues to WOW and delight Branson audiences for their 9th Straight Year, Classic Country & Comedy proudly brings back the excitement and joy of when these popular songs were first introduced to the American public. From the sultry vocals of classic Patsy Cline songs to the high energy, foot-stomping arrangements of Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash and Garth Brooks, every well known melody comes alive, thrilling audiences of all ages. Television’s Hee Haw star, Terry Wayne Sanders will tickle your funny-bone with his family friendly, slap-stick comedy featuring Homer Lee, Barney Fife, Joan Rivers, Gramma Beulah, and more.” Sounds like a hoot, don’t it?

Ol Willamae has a lil surprise before we tuck in fer the night at the Edgewood Hotel.

Wednesday, Dec 8

They put out a purty good breakfast there at the Edgewood, then we will tote our suitcases to the bus and see what this day holds, cuz Willamae  has some surprises fer ya. We’ve come to be like family and that’s the best part of Christmas. So we will head outta town fer someplace else.  It’s something you ain’t never done and it fits right into our Branson trip. Don’t worry, we are gonna eat good and enjoy the family.

5:30 pm or so we will be rollin’ back into town all eat up with the Christmas Spirit! Come go with me!



· Deluxe Motorcoach Transportation

· 2 shows including Sight and Sound’s  Jesus, and Classic Country and Comedy

· 4 meals

· Dinner on way to Branson

· Supper at Grand Buffet

· Breakfast at Hotel

· Dinner somewhere else

· 1 night lodging at Edgewood

· Gratuities on included meals

· Driver’s gratuity

· Some Sur-Prizes and a Hoot of a time!

Escorted by Willamae!


· $319 Per Person Double

· $299 Per Person Triple

· $289 Per Person Quad

· $369 Per Person Single


Use your credit card to pay in full at the time of your reservations with no extra fees!


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